“The purpose of life is a life full of purpose”


Liverpool graffiti quote


A mono’blog’

Greetings nosy fellow MTEM students, curious family and friends and people with way too much time on their hands to the blog about the life of a cat, wine and music obsessed student… i.e. me. About a month ago I flew the nest from my bubble wrapped life in Surrey (going to an all-girls convent school with literally 13 girls in my year) and moved to the crazy, vibrant, slightly scary city of Liverpool to study Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management at LIPA. It has been a hectic month filled with amazing experiences like working at a psychedelic festival, braving the Liverpool nightlife both socially and as a ‘shot girl’, spending all night in recording studios at LIPA, making amazing beautiful friends and most scarily- learning how to fend for myself. I chose to do the course at LIPA because of my love for the music industry and my experience in band management, putting on events and promotion. My first few weeks at LIPA have confirmed that I am at the right place as I love the course (well except for when I’m hung-over and struggling to keep my eyes open in the odd finance lecture) and am finding the tasks and classes exciting and extremely useful for being in the industry that I wish so much to be a part of in the future. I’ll hopefully be back with weekly updates as to how I’m getting on during my life here in Liverpool (just in case you actually give a shit). Night night everyone xxx