Sundays are for Sleeping



Sundays are for Sleeping



Salut friends! The last couple of weeks have gone ridiculously quickly and I can tell it won’t be long before my first year at LIPA is over and I’m wondering where the time went. News is I’m poor and despite handing out 20 CVs I’ve had no replies. Sad face. I’m also exhausted with planning for events that will be happening this week- 2 events per night for 4 nights at a bar in Liverpool which I am overseeing as part of my course. Hopefully all goes well and I can relax on friday for Valentines day (with an actual real man and not a cat by the way). Then I’m off back to London on Saturday to see my gorgeous pussycat so be prepared for lots of photos! I had an exciting day on Friday interviewing Midge Ure of Ultravox who came in for a masterclass at LIPA and have been busy planning my own interview/acoustic sessions with top bands at LIPA to be shown at the 2ube festival in May. So that’s all that’s been going on recently really…. I’m now off to sleep because it’s a sunday and I can (well ish…. have a deadline at midnight for some blogs on a film module I’ve just finished). Oooh and I treated myself to mussels and a bottle of sauvignon which I will be enjoying later ( I’M SUCH A BAD STUDENT). Much love kittens xxx